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Welcome to Glimpse of Love

Glimpse of Love is an Elective Ultrasound Studio, offering 2D/3D/4D/5D (HD live) ultrasound. Not only do we offer ultrasounds, we also offer fun gender reveals along with other keepsake merchandises.

We strive to provide a fun, comfortable, and relaxing experience for expectant parents along with family and friends who join. 

The creation of life is truly amazing. Being able to witness it in real time creates a unique bonding experience with you and your unborn baby


What is the difference between 2d, 3d, 4d, and 5d?

2d: The most common form of ultrasound. 2-dimensional   ultrasound  produces a flat, black and white image of your baby. This is the  traditional  ultrasound you see at your doctors office.

3d:  Creates a 3-dimensional still image, allowing you to see the contour of baby's face and body. Baby will appear in a yellow/tan tone.

4d: Similar to 3D, but captures baby in real time. It is a motion shot  instead of a still image. You can see your baby moving, yawning, or even smiling at you!

5d: The latest  advancement of ultrasound viewing. 5D also known as HD live, allows us to capture clearer and more defined images. Baby will appear more "realistic" in a red/pink tone.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Arunie. I am the sole owner and operator of Glimpse of Love. I am a registered sonographer and received   my bachelors in Diagnostic Medical Sonography from Newman University. I worked in a hospital setting for 3 years, and still work there from time to time. My fiance and I have two beautiful baby boys together. We will be getting married in Mexico next year and are so excited!  I opened Glimpse of Love a month after my second boy was born. I've always loved scanning pregnant mama's, so I feel like this is my true calling. I absolutely love being able to see the excitement and joy when families come in to see their baby on the screen. I hope to see you in  my studio soon!


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"As first time parents, we were always anxious to see our baby boy. Arunie got the best pictures of our little babe! She was so patient & let us enjoy every second viewing our baby boy!"


"it's way more than just a glimpse! If you are pregnant and on the fence about getting an extra look at your little one I highly recommend. The time we got felt so special and all about our girl! She took so much time to find the best pictures"


“She was so sweet and professional. Worked me in and was flexible. Definitely recommend!”
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